Identify mushrooms. For free.

Free to try up to 10 identifications per month.
This is a demo of our mushroom ID service which you can integrate into your business via API.
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How to identify?

Take multiple photos of the mushroom, upload them for identification, and view the results in seconds. You can identify up to 10 mushrooms per month with this web demo.

What information does mushroom id provide?

Mushroom id can recognize over 3200 classes including mushrooms, lichens and slime molds. Besides Latin names, Mushroom id provides localized common names, description, URL, representative images, taxonomy and other useful information.

Power of Machine Learning

We use cutting edge methods of machine learning (AKA artificial intelligence) to train customized deep convolutional neural networks for the best possible results.

mushroom id API

Need to identify mushroom for your business or app? We offer our identification engine via API and custom solutions to meet your needs. Learn more about our B2B solutions at